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JEWELRY Silver, Pearl & Unique Handmade Jewelry at NOVICA

Treasured by ancient Greeks, Amethyst is known as the color of royalty and are even part of the British Crown Jewels. Join us to shop our collection and enjoy complimentary in-store engraving, in store pickup and styling advice. We’re proud to offer a lifetime happiness guarantee on all jewelry.

  • The pieces are no longer simple metalwork, but are now masterful examples of jewellery making.
  • In France, Pierre Cartier founded Cartier SA in 1847, while 1884 saw the founding of Bulgari in Italy.
  • Furthermore, we have various blogs and categories for our customers to help them choose and pick out their styles with various designers available for multiple categories.
  • And West Africas handmade beadwork is renowned the world over.
  • Every single design goes through a rigorous 5-step testing process by our in-house team so you can shine your brightest and wear it worry-free.

The Incas, for example, believed that gold was …