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Tips to write a successful CV and resumes when applying for a new position

When looking for a new job, you have to make a good first impression to your potential recruiter. This impression could potentially be positive or negative.

When hundreds of resumes of a single job posting reach a job board, you want yours to rank high enough to jump to the front. Here are some initial rules to help you write a successful CV.

1. Don’t include too much information

If you stuff too much information in the resume and you put too many categories, it may be hard for the employer to read it. It can also cause your CV to look cluttered. Remember that recruiters only spend six to seven seconds reading a resume.

2. Highlights your CV

Choose 2-3 actions that show what you have learned in your previous job and demonstrated through your work experience to date. Think of your resume as an opportunity to market yourself.

3. Don’t lie on your resume

If you want to show off your achievements, and you do not want to sound overly boastful, be careful about the information you include in your document. Always tell the truth.

4. Use a unique style and tone

If you want to get your dream job, be unique when writing your CV. That means that you should be positive, direct, and personal.

5. Proofread your resume

Ask someone else, maybe a friend or a member of your family (which can be convinced to help if asked) to review what you have written. It is really important to get a second pair of eyes to critically proofread your document before sending it.

6. Other rules to consider

Your CV or resume should be written on appropriate quality and be printed in a readable font. Use A4 paper. On top of that, resumes should be presented in a more professional way by some white or regular space. Once you’ve finished writing your CV, you should save it in PDF. If you don’t know how to make a perfect cv in pdf, use a CV creator that will help you to make sure your document stays intact.

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